What do we mean by solutions?

In tech, most problems can’t be solved with a one fits all product. Oftentimes, the best solutions for your business needs a combination of various hardwares and softwares. You can think of this page as listing the packages our company offers to solve a general problem your company may be facing by providing specific solutions for it through the combinations of several products.

Retail Solutions

Unlocking your business potential with our retail solutions. To support your company needs, we provide services for software and hardware products from our trusted partners: Eazyway, ULUCU, Footfallcam, POS Bank, Fujitsu Printer, HP Scanner and have had experience in supporting various private-owned and state-owned companies. We offer a comprehensive range of products and programs such as point-of-sales (POS), barcode scanners, cash registers, security cameras, CRM, and analytic softwares. Our reliable solutions will help enhance your workflow and digital experience. Get in touch with us and level up your business!

Data Protection

Providing first-class data protection strategy including data backup and network security, protecting your information from unauthorized entities. Our network security service focuses on safeguarding data during transmission, preventing unauthorized access, and protecting against cyber threats like hacking and malware. Data backup, on the other hand, is about creating duplicate copies of data and storing them securely, providing a safety net in case of data loss in the case of a security breach. Together, these two components work in synergy to shield data from outside threats.

Network Management

A network management system (NMS) serves as the control center for overseeing a computer network. Its primary functions include monitoring network devices and their performance, tracking network traffic, and managing configurations. NMS enables network administrators to identify and address issues in real-time, ensuring network reliability and minimizing downtime. Additionally, it provides essential data for making informed decisions, optimizing network resources, and ensuring network security by detecting and responding to potential threats or anomalies. See more on how we can help you achieve this below!

These are general and broad solutions towards problems that we have commonly seen in the Industry. Which is why to provide a solution suitable for you, please contact us at through Whatsapp or by Email to consult us for free regarding the best solution for your businesses.


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© Copyright Reserved by Karya Anugrah Teknologi