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Our hardware solutions help boost your retail operations through streamline transactions, inventory, and security within retail establishments. This includes hardware such as point-of-sales (POS) systems, barcode scanners, cash registers, and security cameras from our partners: POS Bank, Fujitsu printer, HP scanner.


Our software solutions encompass a wide array of applications from inventory management to customer relationship management (CRM and analytics software) and provide retailers with digital infrastructure to manage data, optimize operations, and enhance customer experience. Our reliable software solution partners are Eazyway, ULUCU, footfallcam.


ULUCU is an AI company that offers a wide range of services for retail such as remote inspection through AI, store behavioral analysis, intelligence shopping. ULUCU’s software products will boost your business’ productivity through its intelligent management service and human data analysis.


Eazyway is our partner of choice for providing smart ERP and smart finance software for retail.


Footfallcam is our IoT system provider of choice. Optimized by AI, we help your company make data-driven decision-making through its analytical insights and real time reporting system. Unlocking different possibilities to achieve maximum potential.

POS Bank

POS Bank is a global leading provider of Point of Sales solutions. Our Point of Sale systems provides efficient and accurate transactions, enabling businesses to manage sales, process payments, and track inventory seamlessly.

Fujitsu Printer and HP Scanners

We chose Fujitsu Printers and HP Scanners as our partners because of their commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. With Fujitsu's printers delivering high-quality receipts and HP's scanners providing top-notch reliability, our collaboration ensures your business to have a seamless and hassle free experience

These are general and broad solutions towards problems that we have commonly seen in the Industry. Which is why to provide a solution suitable for you, please contact us at through Whatsapp or by Email to consult us for free regarding the best solution for your businesses.


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© Copyright Reserved by Karya Anugrah Teknologi