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Karya Anugrah Teknologi is an IT distribution company that specializes in providing the best hardware for our customers. Our journey began in the retail industry, where we supported our clients by providing retail-specific solutions to meet the growing demands of the sector. Building on this success and recognizing the pervasive digitalization of our world, we have expanded our services to include data protection and network management.

As a company, our mission extends beyond simply delivering products to your businesses. We are dedicated to providing unwavering technical support throughout the entire process starting from helping your business choose the right solutions, guaranteeing warranty from vendors, providing service centers, and providing flexibility for specific local challenges.

APC Best Growing Partner

During our early days, we strive to boost our client’s business productivity through our high-quality technical support and high-grade products, providing a wide range of solutions: retail, data protection, network. After a few years of establishing PT. Karya Anugerah Teknologi, we were honored to receive an award from APC by Schneider Electric as the ‘APC Best Growing Partner’ in 2015.

APC Top Partner

Our reliable IT solutions and customer-centric services in the past years have been consistent in providing excellent IT services and solutions for our clients. Thus, PT. Karya Anugerah Indonesia is grateful to receive the ‘APC Top Partner Award’ in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2020.

Pupuk Indonesia Best Performance Vendor

PT. Karya Anugerah Teknologi has been working with Pupuk Indonesia, a state-owned company, during the past couple of years. Our company assists Pupuk Indonesia in their digital journey through supplying trusted IT products and services. This resulted in the ‘Pupuk Indonesia Best Performance Vendor’ awards that we have delightedly received in 2021 and 2022.



Trusted business partner of Alfamart

As one of our biggest and earliest clients, we are entrusted by PT.SUMBER ALFARIA TRIJAYA,Tbk to continuously provide a comprehensive range of products such as thermal printers, UPS systems, POS equipment, and scanners. Our tailored approach and commitment to delivering top-notch hardware have contributed to streamlining the business processes of PT. SUMBER ALFARIA TRIJAYA, Tbk, ensuring they have the tools necessary for success in their industry.

Supporting equipment for Kayu Agung-Palembang toll road section.

Over the years, PT Jasamarga Tollroad Operator has remained a crucial client, one of our most recent collaboration involved providing IT hardware support for the construction of the Semarang – Batang toll road. During the project, we have helped them to provide traffic management systems with cameras and sensors, communication infrastructure, toll collection equipment, and emergency response systems.

Trusted long-term hardware vendor for PT Pupuk Indonesia

PT Pupuk Indonesia is also one of our long-lasting clients, each year we have provided them with Industrial grade hardware designed to withstand harsh conditions typically used in factories. This type of hardware is engineered for reliability, longevity, and optimal performance in challenging settings. The hardware we provided includes rugged servers, industrial computers, hardened networking equipment, and durable storage solutions, all crafted to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications and ensure continuous operation in adverse conditions.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about the what Karya Anugrah Teknologi offers? Or maybe who we work with and what warranties we provide. Explore our FAQ section for a comprehensive understanding of our services and products.

We offer a comprehensive range of IT services included hardware such as PC, Notebook, Server, NAS, SAN, CCTV and Software like Windows, Kapersky, Trendmicro, VM Ware. In addition, we also provided a solution package to solve your specific business needs in the field of retail, data protection, and Network Management.

Our company mainly works with large enterprises varying from private-owned companies to state-owned companies. Our biggest clients include Alfamart, Jasa Marga, and Pupuk Indonesia.

  1. To claim our warranty services, reach us out through contacting our email servicekat@karyaanugrah.com or call us to 0215406443
    1. Email: please inform ‘your name’, ‘products’, ‘product’s serial number’, and defect details.
    2. Phone: phone services will be directed further by our IT customer service
  2. If our solution doesn’t work through online assistance, our technician will check your warranty period and assist your warranty process offline. The defect product can either be pick-up by our technician or sent by a customer to our warehouse in Komplek Pergudangan Aeroworld 8 Blok L.03 No. 27 Citra Garden City 8 Kel. Pegadungan Kec. Kalideres 11830. 
  3. After receiving a defect product, our technician will fix its software (non-physical defect)  or do a unit replacement (physical defect)

PT. Karya Anugerah Teknologi provides a guaranteed warranty for our clients. Our warranty period lasts differently for different products and will be counted from the date of product being received. Hence, you might need to check on them before purchasing.


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© Copyright Reserved by Karya Anugrah Teknologi