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To serve the IT needs of customers in Indonesia.


PT Karya Anugrah Teknologi is built by professionals specializing in system integration and focused on the needs and service to the customers in Indonesia.Therefore, PT Karya Anugrah Teknologi has a mission to give the best IT solution according to the needs of the customers while also focusing on giving the best service and support.

Company Overview

PT Karya Anugrah Teknologi positions herself as a corporate partner support for IT products and services to major corporate companies in Indonesia. As such, PT Karya Anugrah Teknologi focuses on providing the best hardware solution according to the needs and the budget of the customer and also providing service and delivery throughout Indonesia.

Founded in 2012, PT Karya Anugrah Teknologi  is and Information and Technology  company focusing on hardware products such as Notebook, PC, NAS, SAN, Networking, CCTV and Software such as Windows, Kapersky, Trendmicro, VM Ware, etc.